Pussy Arse Massage Hard Fuck

Today I was quite excited, it was very hot outside my garden. I wanted a massage on my ass and my pussy, so I called a friend to help me with that.Of course in the end I ended up on my knees and fucking him, what a pleasure to have sex outside and with my neighbours who could hear me. -  (Video) 

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Ride To The Lake

Since I didn't have a car at the time and it was terribly hot, I just stood on the street in my new bikini, hoping someone would take me to the lake. Of course someone did and the offer on the sign helped a lot. -  (Gallery) 

LucyRavenblood - Ride To The Lake

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Two Cock Dogging Pt2

The sun had come out on the Saturday and I had gone out in search of outdoor funI soon had two cocks around me I began licking one and the other was still fingering me before pushing his cockdeep in my wet pussyOnce her had pounded me he sprayed my tits with his cum -  (Video) 

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Sammie Slut Meets Young Liam Pt2

Liam contacted SammySlut as he wanted to make a video with her but she suggested that the first time, they take things easy, and she just give him a blow-job but he could come in her mouth.With lots of kissing at first, he settled down easily into it, and she particuarly loved her pussy being licked, and then he fingered her very wet pussy before she took down his trousers, and began to suck him off until he came in her mouth, and the dirty slut Sammy took it all in her mouth. -  (Video) 

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Public Subway Flash Fingering

I was out and about flashing in my black stocking and strappy heels when I stoppedto finger my pierced pussyI was so horny I stuck my fingers in, leg on the curb. Licking the cream off, then puttig it back inI didn't even notice the chap at the end of the underpass watching.... -  (Video) 

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