Member Studio Shoot

A member asked if he could photograph me at my local studio, I couldn't help being a little bit naughty and seductive in front of the camera and I packed a mean piece of kit....A Big Black Dildo That got my him going and he had to show me his piece of kit and how he uses it after the shoot I SO love meeting my members -  (Gallery) 

DoubleDee - Member Studio Shoot

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Handjob In The Babydoll

Got a babydoll as a gift.Well, I'll see that it is in the video and that it is used.Give him a horny hot oily handjob.He thanks with a really wet ending.Cums really huge.His hot sperm comes so hot out like an Fountain.Handjob im BabydollHabe einen Babydoll geschenkt bekommen.Na da schau ich doch gleich das er im Video dabei ist und zum Einsatz kommt.Gebe Ihm einen geilen heissen ligen Handjob.Er bedankt sich mit einem wirklich feuchten Ende.Spritz wirklich gewaltig ab.Schub um Schub kommt sein heisses Sperma. -  (Video) 

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Cock Band

I'm not much for video games but interactive games like Rock Band are alot of fun What's even more fun is when you bring a dildo along to the Rock Band Session Why waste time playing Rock Band when Cock Band is more fun. My pussy thinks so anyway -  (Gallery) 

TiffanyLynne - Cock Band

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Ride To The Lake

Since I didn't have a car at the time and it was terribly hot, I just stood on the street in my new bikini, hoping someone would take me to the lake. Of course someone did and the offer on the sign helped a lot. -  (Gallery) 

LucyRavenblood - Ride To The Lake

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